You Can't Out Give God - a personal testimony by Kathleen Cote

GOD Keeps the Books!!!
A number of years ago, I felt convicted to support Douglas Camp Meeting, since that’s pretty much where my ministry with the cats began. I don’t make a lot of money, and I didn’t want to take away from my tithe so I had to seek the LORD long and hard before a solution was found. I promised GOD that every time I got an extra shift or shifts, I would donate a small amount to the camp. I even have it entered on my spreadsheet so I don’t forget when I pay my bills.
I have been doing this for a number of years now, without any problems. Unfortunately, when I paid my bills recently, the donation was omitted. Not only that, even without the donation, I didn’t have much money left over for the week. And so the debate began………You know the one where you tell yourself that GOD doesn’t want you to bankrupt yourself and that he wants you to be happy?? I am embarrassed to say that the battle raged for quite a while, more effort than that small donation was worth!!! Finally it occurred to me that ALL the gold and silver belongs to the LORD, and he could bless me some other way. I figured either way I would be OK since the check wouldn’t be mailed until the end of the month. I told the LORD that I was writing out the check in faith. Boy, did I get a surprise!!!
Within an hour, a cousin sent me a jewelry order that was 6 times the amount of the check. Then I got another extra shift that netted out to be 8 times the donation. And while I was working that extra shift I got another jewelry order that was 2 times the donation. If you add that all up, I got 16 times the original donation as a blessing from GOD!!! WOO!!! HOO!!! YOU GO GOD!!!
While I know it’s not about works, I do think as GOD’S people we need to honor our word. Especially if we make a commitment to GOD. And sometimes it’s hard, but a deal’s a deal!!!

Posted by Tom Sawyer ( web master)

145 Years of Holiness

Douglas Camp Meeting is offering this commemorative ornament for our 145th anniversary.



The cost is $16.00 per ornament, and the money raised will go to purchase supplies to maintain the buildings.


Please email if you would like to purchase one. Please indicate how many ornaments and include your mailing address.


Or mail check to:


P.O.Box 503

Douglas, MA 01516



Thank you for your support!