You made a difference. The New dining hall is now part of our camp experience


The new 2400sq ft four season dining hall/meeting center is complete with a new state of the art kitchen, walk in freezer, a beautiful fireplace, open dining area and wrap around porch

Oh-what memories we will cherish as future generations gather to build memories and worship God!
  • It was hard to say Good BYE
  • New  dining hall is special
  • Friends and Fellowship
  • Rocking Chairs are very popular
  • Mike and Crissy serve the multitudes
  • Dining hall wasn't like this when we were teens.

Memories Fall So New Ones Can Be Created As We Do God's Work

  • Mike Cnossen Leads The Planning Session
  • Everyone Contributes To The Planning
  • Jack (center) Offers Some Insight
  • Mike Cnossen Reviews The Budget
  • Time For Action
  • It Served So Many For So Long
  • The old hall takes a crushing blow
  • Sad to see it fall
  • Oh what memories we will cherish-forever
  • Not Jerricho-But Walls Coming Down
  • Remember your last conversation
  • A final view
  • Picking up the pieces
  • Jack thinks of fond memories
  • Working to save the kitchen area
  • Years To Build-Hours To Tear Down
  • Oh how we will miss-the old dining hall
  • Witnessing  history
  • The old kitchen-It's still standing
  • The old kitchen will be tied to new dining hall
  • Final section falls
  • Preserving the kitchen
  • Building the new foundation
  • A new dining hall will rise from the rubble
  • Pausing to ponder the future