Thanks to your help and the Lord's blessing, our 2400 sq ft four season dining hall/meeting center is features a new kitchen, walk in freezer, a beautiful fireplace, and a spacious open dining area.

Oh-what memories we will cherish as future generations gather to build memories and worship God!

  • It was hard to say Good BYE
  • Friends and Fellowship
  • Rocking Chairs are very popular
  • Mike and Crissy serve the multitudes
  • Dining hall wasn't like this when we were teens.

Dining Hall available for rent

Upon approval by the Board of DCM, the dining hall and grounds are available for rent on a limited basis. For more details simply click the CONTACT US button on top of this page. Please include as much detail/specifics as possible. Please include a phone number.

Memories Fall So New Ones Can Be Created As We Do God's Work

  • Mike Cnossen Leads The Planning Session
  • Everyone Contributes To The Planning
  • Jack (center) Offers Some Insight
  • Mike Cnossen Reviews The Budget
  • Time For Action
  • It Served So Many For So Long
  • The old hall takes a crushing blow
  • Sad to see it fall
  • Oh what memories we will cherish-forever
  • Not Jerricho-But Walls Coming Down
  • Remember your last conversation
  • A final view
  • Picking up the pieces
  • Jack thinks of fond memories
  • Working to save the kitchen area
  • Years To Build-Hours To Tear Down
  • Oh how we will miss-the old dining hall
  • Witnessing  history
  • The old kitchen-It's still standing
  • The old kitchen will be tied to new dining hall
  • Final section falls
  • Preserving the kitchen
  • Building the new foundation
  • A new dining hall will rise from the rubble
  • Pausing to ponder the future