2024 Children's MInistry Daily July 20-27

Mon-Sat  10AM-Noon  VBS ages 4-12

All are Welcome - No Fee Registration 


Families start at the Daily Huddle* in the DiningHall

and then Kids proceed  to the Tabernacle.

(approx.11AM ages 4-7 will depart for activities at

Pavillion and Good News Chapel)

Also, assistance available for parents w/toddlers


   *    *    *    *    *    *

Mon-Friday Evening Children's Ministry ages 5-10

(parents bring kids to DiningHall when announced in service).

Assistance for parents with children on weekend evenings as well.



VBS presentation ___day, July __th




or Text (774)991-4685 or (860)836-0343 if any questions

Or see Maria on-site at camp


Also, Family Hour daily after 8:45am Flag Raising

and Afternoon Family Activities Daily

and Late-Evening Christian Movies nights, Campfires, etc.


*Daily Huddles are where all at camp meet for Announcements and for the Daily Bible verse.

It is followed by BIBLE STUDY and Youth Growth Groups

Lunch is then available for $6 ($3 ages 10 and under)



Parent Quiet-Hour available daily 3-4pm near DiningHall (sign-up in advance)


Our 2024 Children's Ministry Staff:

Maria Santana

Barry Seymour

____ ______


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2023 Kid's Ministry Archive:

Our 2023 Children's Ministry Staff:

Maria Santana

Sue Lunt

Janet Fernandez


Bring your kids Sunday 5:45pm to participate in our

Kingdom Kids



Sunday July 24th,2022   Practice 5:45 for 6pm

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Preview to CampMeeting 2024 Daily 10AM VBS:
On May 4th DCMA hosted our first 
Children's Ministry
Equipping Experience
Featuring Pastor Barry Seymour and his team
 It included:




  Session 1  Three Encounters Kids Need

  Session 2  Involving Teens In Children’s Ministry

  Session 3  Five Skills to Effectively Teach Kids God’s Word

  Session 4  Ten Big Ideas     

THE EXPERIENCE*  1:15 @Tabernacle

*The Experience will continue

Sat, July 20th and July 22-27, 2024
10am-Noon Daily
during Annual CampMeeting.
For Kids ages 4-12
Theme: "The Great Climb Challenge"