DCMA is an Association of Christian Volunteers

Although Douglass Camp-Meeting began in 1875,
Douglas Camp-Meeting Association was established in 1890 to involve many in the ongoing ministry of the Campmeeting.
To help at camp, let us know your abilities & availability 
email DCMA1875@gmail.com or text (860)836-0343
We offer opportunities to support the work of our Committees (listed below).
Also, during Annual CampMeeting, there are many opportunities to serve. along with our other volunteers.
The 2024 Annual CampMtg Organizational Meeting & Tasks Day is currently scheduled for 9:30am Saturday, June 1st (alternate date June 8, 2024).

DCMA Committees and Upcoming Committee Dates

The DCMA Board has authorized the Following Committees

 (Dates of next scheduled meetings are with parenthesis):


Buildings & Grounds

Secretary - Steve Poole

(Noon Sat. Nov.18, 2023 @DH)


B&G Work Days 9am Oct.28th, 2023

   and 9am Nov.18th, 2023


Hospitality & Housekeeping

Secretary - Patricia Mercado

(9am Sat. May 4, 2024 @DH)


Praise & Prayer

prayer prior to most workdays

periodic prayer by phone


Finance & Fund-raising


Communications & Publicity


Family Ministry

Secretary - Joyce Lombardo

(3pm Sat. Nov. 18, 2023 @DH)

Next meeting 8am on Dec.30th to plan Kids Seminar

April 27th Kids Ministry Seminar at DCM



Contact us if you'd like to be involved or to visit as a guest.




DCMA Membership Info/Form

DCMA Board Members and Meeting Dates

Paul Cnossen (President Emeritus)

Elected July 29, 2023:

Dave Blaney (President)

Charlene Gould (Vice-President)

Penny Rendeir (Secretary)

Cheryl Bowden (Treasurer)

Jeanie Gagne

Marie Warrender

Tim Scott

Patricia Mercado

Mike Hammond

Steve Poole

Kaylee Mead


Next Scheduled Board Meeting:

5:30pm Saturday, November 18, 2023

Preceded by 4:30 Supper Together 

              and 5pm *Sharing Together

*Topics A): “What are you personally thankful for that Godis doing in your life?attracts folks to come and seek God at DCM?” & “What hinders folks from coming to seek God at DCM?

B) "What are you thankful forabout DCM?"

C) "Name something(s) that we probably all agree on about DCM"



November Mtg.Part 2 regarding Treasurer position,

7:30pm Sat. Dec.30th (after "Family Day" event)



Spring Board Meeting:

__pm Saturday, April 13th or 20th, 2024

*Topic: “What attracts folks to come and seek God at DCM?” & “What hinders folks from coming to seek God at DCM?

Douglas Camp-Meeting Association Members

July 2023 - June 2024

Association Members

Jean and Dan Gagne
Robert and Marie Warrender
Dave and Roberta Blaney
Greg Poirier 
Doug and Cheryl Bowden
Paul and Marge Cnossen
Penny Rendeir
Nancy Gould
Sandra Maynard *
Maria Santana
Dave Heughins *
Tim Scott
Barry Seymour *
Steve Poole
Tim Laflin
John Morgan *

* Received into Membership at July 29, 2023 Annual Meeting

Adopt-A-Cabin to Care For

We offer Adopt-A-Cabin* opportunities to care for our cabins (Pastoral recommendation required to be an Adopter)
*Cabin Adopter's Meeting:  Spring 2024 (Contact Charlene or Dave for the date)