2023 CampMtg Services

7pm Daily (M-F);  6pm Weekends. Preceded by Music


Friday, 21st    UPDATE!!

                 "Jonas Woods Concert"

        Also: "The Worship Collaborative"

                 ...with: Joy & Becca Poole


6pm Sat, 22nd Worship:

           "John Waller Concert"

           with Special Guest Sophee Waller


                 Minister: Phil Rainbow

                 Prelude: Romaine Sands


Sun, 10am Hymn Service Aaron McCabe & Mike

         10:30 Morning Worship: The Mill Church & Jonas Woods

                   Minister: Ed Perry

          2pm Praise & Testimony Service - Pastor Joe Baldinger

          5pm Prayer

          6pm Worship: Dave Pettigrew  

                   Minister: Bob Howard


Monday, 24th  Worship: Dave Pettigrew  

                           Minister: Marshall Daigre


Tues., 25th  Worship: Dave Pettigrew  

                     Minister: Marshall Daigre


Wed., 26th  Worship: Dave Pettigrew  

                     Minister: Marshall Daigre

       Followed By 8:30pm Outdoor Concert:

       Rachel DeLong & Dave Pettigrew


Thurs, 27th  DCM Missions Service

       Worship: D. Pettigrew

       Ministry: Robert & Holly Groom (Kenya, Africa)

                         Marshall Daigre (India, Mexico, Haiti)


Friday, 28th Service includes Richardson Memorial

      Worship: Kayla Drew & ___; 

      Minister: M.Daigre


6pm Sat. 29th  2023 Youth Service

      Worship: ___, Rachel Scott, ___, ___

      Minister: Marshall Daigre 


Sun, 10am Hymn Service

         10:30 Morning Worship - Adult & Teen Challenge

                   Minister: Marshall Daigre

          2pm Praise & Testimony Service - Pastor Joe Baldinger

          6pm Worship: "Rejoice & Sing" (Vatral-Hammer Singers)

                   Minister: Marshall Daigre 



*?Orchestra preceding various Services led by __

Afterglow around the Tabernacle altar, in the DiningHall, at Campfire, at 7:30am Prayer & 10am Gatherings



Achived 2022 CampMtg Services



Friday, 15th John Waller Concert, opened by Nancy Marshall


Sat, 16th Worship - Joy & Becca Poole; John & Hadlee Waller


Sun, 10am Hymn Service

         10:30 Morning Worship - Leckrones

          2pm Praise & Testimony Gathering

          6pm Worship - Eastern Nazarene College


Monday, 18th  Worship - Kayla & Sam Drew


Tuesday, 19th  Worship - Dave Pettigrew


Wed.. 20th  2022 YOUTH NIGHT 

                    Followed By Rachel DeLong Concert


Thurs, 21st  Worship - Teen Challenge


Friday, 22nd DCM Memorials Service


Sat. 23rd  Worship - Nancy Marshall &


Sun, 10am Hymn Service

         10:30 Morning Worship - Leckrones

          2pm Praise & Testimony Gathering

          6pm Worship 



2022 Evening Evangelist; Pastor David Dorn

Sunday AM Evangelist: Larry Leckrone

Orchestra preceding various Services led by Mike Cnossen

Various music in many services: Larry & Tamla Leckrone