Purpose: To seek Christ together ... encouraging youth & families



Possible Spring '23

Youth/Family Retreat


Family Work-As-Worship Retreat


 Youth Leaders & Families email us for more info after March 28th


Bring your Bible and a Scripture or Hymn-lyric that impacts you

Whether it will be One-Day or Multiple-Days, is also TBD


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Dec.28, 2022 Winter Youth/Family Day

Purpose: To seek Christ together ... encouraging youth & families


Thank you for Prayer & Participation in Winter Retreat


Seeking Christ Together, Youth & Families were encouraged.

Over 10 churches participated; 50 people involved;

The Word was alive; The Worship a blessing;

Outreach to Worcester touched lives;

Parent Session was beneficial;

Prayer Time was essential;

Ice skating, Activities,...

Sweet Fellowship




All ages Welcome

(especially families with 9-17 year-olds)


9am Registration; 9:30am 1st Session

$10 includes Lunch and Supper;  $25 max.per family

Closing 7:15/7:30pm, after supper and youth-led worship/service

Optional Closing time 4:15pm (before supper) cost: $7/person instead of $10


Bring your Bible and a Scripture that impacted you in 2022  and ...

...optional: bring healthy snacks or cider or juice to share, board games, ice skates.


Bring items to donate to those in need: 

Winter gloves, hats, scarfs, toiletries (toothpaste/toothbrushes,...), hand/foot warmers, etc.


Bring gloves, your appetite, and a heart to seek Christ  


Contact Maria at DCMA1875@gmail.com to join youth-led worship


       Tentative Schedule: 



Worship - Kayla Drew 

1st Session - Pastor David Dorn (Zoom)



10:35am - 11:50am

Outdoor Team Games/Activities  (MattN)

 (dodge-ball, capture the flag, tug-of-camaraderie,....) 


Noon Lunch


12:30  Girls Session (Sarah Petrofsky)

           Guys Outdoor Service Project (DougB)

          Parent Session (share examples of family devotions)


1:10pm B.Ball, Newcomb, Crafts, ...


1:50pm   Guys Session (Joel Petrofsky)

                Girls Service Project - Care Packages


2:20pm Hot Cocoa & Cider & Snacks Break

             option A) Compassionate Trip to Worcester

             option B) Indoor & Outdoor Activities

                            Family/kids ice skating


4pm Worship/Sharing of 2022 Scriptures

        Family Movie & popcorn


5:45pm Supper

6:15pm Youth-Led Worship/Sharing

             Closing Session 

7:15pm Clean up Dininghall and bring in exterior chairs  



by the Love and Truth of Jesus Christ.

Next Family event TBD. Late-Spring?


No wandering off; Youth leaders/parents responsible for youth; Please avoid cellphone use at camp